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Who Are These Game and Entertainment Streamers – Part 2

So in my first part of Who Are These Twitch Streamers I specifically called out Twitch streamers but I wanted to expand that out and not exclude any YouTube, Facebook or Mixer streamers from being in the roundup, so the series changes to Who Are These Game and Entertainment Streamers and I am opening it up.  So even though Twitch streamers will make up the majority, I am expanding it to be more inclusive of those who can be listed.


A creative at heart, I always wanted to bring laughter, joy, & a relief to others. With my recent startup into YouTube & soon, streaming, I hope to do that more often! I learned most of my creative thinking & problem-solving skills attending Penn State & spending countless hours developing my talents within & outside the classroom. I work professionally in the SEM (paid advertising) & SEO (organic advertising) marketing field. With this professional skill, I have been able to build my brand with a healthy foundation. At a personal level, I am very self-motivated, charismatic, & social. I love helping others & bringing breaks of laughter & joy to the lives of others. Gaming is my passion-hobby, & I can see myself doing this well into my golden years.

SaintMattyGruden is an aspiring live streamer and just started his Twitch channel but also creates content for his YouTube channel which is pre-recorded and uploaded, still you can find a lot of quality game related content and his personality and style are easy going and easy to watch.  I always appreciate family friendly streamers and those with chill attitudes.

Watch live video from saintmattygruden on www.twitch.tv


Hello Noobie Pie here and I wanted to introduce myself and would love to be apart of this series.

Well I’m a New Streamer. I’m not very good at video games but still enjoy playing them. I do have a friend (Fred) my pig that helps me during my gameplay by giving me constructive criticism ” talking smack”  and helps me with my side skits. I recently was incarcerated for stealing a ice cream truck but since then I’ve been on my best behavior and continue to look for work such as a Butcher, Ice cream delivery man and recently a Uber driver. I stream mainly 1st person games.

Watch live video from n00bie_pie on www.twitch.tv


I am the streamer they call TylerTheAllMighty and I am a full time streamer who began his journey a few weeks ago and recently hit that affiliate spot. My journey has brought me lots of new people to talk to and even more laughs along the way, I stream full time so one day I can bring joy to people on a global scale and hopefully earn a living doing what I love. I have been gaming for 16 years and it is my calling card for what to do when i am not busy or just bored in general. I strive to stream every single day so that the people who come to my stream know I care and want to be there as well as them knowing there is some where they can come to chat and enjoy some relax time. My streams are often seen by the game called Dead By Daylight because of Halloween as well as Fortnite, Call of Duty and the occasional Minecraft stream. I aim so high that the sky is not a limit because I believe if you set your goals high enough and push for it that no matter who you are even you have a chance at becoming something of an idol or role model that people will look up to and cherish.

Watch live video from tylertheallmighty on www.twitch.tv 


I’m a variety streamer with a heart of gold. I wasn’t one of those kids that knew exactly what they wanted to do when they graduate from school. I was lost trying to figure out what to do with my life when I found twitch streaming. I have loved every second of streaming ever since I hit my first “Go Live” button. Now that being said, the reason for my name. I am incredibly shy and a little liquid courage helps me be more comfortable with having my face on the internet. I am a quirky, adorable girl who only wishes the best for everyone in life so a cute name just fits. I love to play games that are all over the place I will jump from Dead By Daylight to Risk of Rain and everything in between. I love my community with all my heart and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to stream :heart:

Watch live video from tipsymini on www.twitch.tv


First of all, hey there everyone! I am a southern 21 year old lady at heart whom was born and raised in South Carolina. I love to meet new people and spread love as much as I can, I’m a very sweet person but I do rage a good bit at video games! I typically do play a lot of FPS games but I do also a wide variety of others games also. I tell my viewers all the time to don’t be shy to ask me to play a game for them to watch, I’m always down to try new games! I am a mother of two bearded dragons “Cyndaquil” my 4 year old and “Shylow” my new baby that is only around 5 months old. I am also engaged to my lovely Fiancé , you will occasionally see him pop up in my streams every now and then! I typically started streaming to have something to do while gaming but now the more I stream I meet a lot of amazing and nice people which I believe is what keeps me going at it. I hope to meet many MANY more lovely people! Check me out and come show me some support, I can’t wait to meet you all.

Much love – MsDevils

Watch live video from msdevilsgaming on www.twitch.tv


My name is Jamie, I live in Ontario Canada. Streaming is my passion and my fantastic husband, also a gamer, is very supportive about the hours I spend with social friends online.   My Nickname is about my love for pets. I grew up with cats and dogs at home. Now while streaming at my side are my two “purr-fect” adorable cats, Tinkerbella and Nila.   I started off playing video games like Mario and Spiro taught by my older brother.  We were always laughing, talking and helping one another with the games.   Unfortunately, my amazing brother died in a mountain climbing accident. This was a devastating event to our family.   Gamers are awesome people and I am so grateful for friends I have met since streaming.   Help and direction has been given to myself so graciously by far more advanced players, to whom I admire and appreciate so much.   Gaming is enjoying the camaraderie and being a member of the community where people are there to have fun, reach goals and help one another.   After starting a guild for World of Warcraft, which I enjoyed, I started on Twitch a couple of months ago. A real good gaming computer was recommended by  a gamer. Thereafter I was to committed and started streaming.  I like the open community and that most people are there to have fun, support one another and learn from others.     I like to inspire others to set up a Twitch Channel and stream what they love   I have met one of my best friends while playing WOW and hope to make more good friends.     Right now I am streaming Sims 4, WOW and Call of Duty.  I’m always open to different games, so who knows in the future what I will be playing   When I am not glued to my computer or playing with my two adorable cats, I am working in the garden, hiking in the hills or going to the gym.   Join me on my Twitter account and come and say hi to me on my Twitch channel.

Watch live video from meowgamer on www.twitch.tv

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