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Why Celebrities’ Boycott Fever Might Haunt Hollywood

hollywood boycott over donald trump

The man who gives Olaf the snowman his voice has the sads.

Josh Gad is a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan, but he’s having second thoughts about his gridiron passion.

Did the team’s recent hapless streak give him pause? Is the change of heart tied to an unforgivably bad trade? Is Gad moving on to a different football franchise?

No. Gad learned the team’s owner, Stephen Ross, recently helped President Donald Trump raise serious cash for his re-election bid.

Meanwhile, other celebrities took action against Ross-related companies. Far-left comedian Billy Eichner, Sophia Bush, Amber Tamblyn and Chrissy Teigen boycotted SoulCycle and/or Equinox, high end companies entangled in Ross’ financial web.

Armie Hammer, whose star rose briefly following his work in “Call Me By Your Name,” attempted to “out” a key player at Marvel for his Trump connection.

These headlines come after Rep. Joaquin Phoenix soft-doxed a group of Americans for the crime of supporting the president’s re-election campain.

What’s the bigger Hollywood picture here? It’s simple.

  • Virtue Signaling 101: A must for any member of the Hollywood Resistance
  • A warning to any deep-pocketed Trump fans. We will “out” you next ….
  • Anti-Trump Hollywood may be willing to take its fight to a new level

And that’s where things could get complicated.

For now, the celebrity boycott push is only a few stars deep. No offense to the aforementioned players, but they’re hardly in the A-list category.

We’re not seeing a mass movement, as of yet, of stars boycotting Trump-related figures. It may never arrive. Celebrity outrage moves swiftly from topic to topic. Remember when stars vowed not to make movies in Georgia following the state’s pro-life legislation?

Still, if the Hollywood boycott movement gains traction it could have consequences.

Red State Americans are understandably frustrated by stars mocking their political choices and religious preferences. They still haven’t acted on it en masse. For example, several “Avengers: Endgame” stars directly mocked Trump voters, but it didn’t appear to ding the film’s gargantuan ticket sales.

It’s only the biggest theatrical release of all time.

Boycotts are different than insults, though, and Americans know it. Plus, there’s something fundamentally unfair about targeting a person for their political beliefs. That’s especially true if the targeting is meant to drive someone out of business.

Or, heaven forbid, invite danger into their lives.

That takes the “Resistance” to a whole new level. It also may dramatically change how Red State patrons view the arts. A conservative may swallow hard and see a Michael Shannon movie even if the actor suggested Trump voters had outlived their usefulness.

They may put their cash back in their wallets and purses, though, if someone like Shannon encourages liberals to boycott a hard-working American who happens to support Trump.

The Hollywood Resistance may want to think very carefully about the boycott urge. It could quickly come back to haunt them.

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Foter.com / CC BY-SA

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