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HiT Episode No. 126: Glenn Reynolds (‘Social Media Upheaval’)

glenn reynolds social media upheaval interview

You won’t find the man affectionately dubbed the “Blogfather” on Twitter.

Instapundit.com founder Glenn Reynolds quit the micro-blogging platform a while ago, and he doesn’t miss it at all. That doesn’t mean he’s ignoring social media.

Far from it.

Reynolds’ new book, “The Social Media Upheaval,” documents how Twitter, Facebook and Instagram impact society. The platforms make us less empathetic, more eager to share fake news and angrier with our fellow Americans.

“Upheaval” details how we’re being rewired by 21st century technology. That makes it an essential read for parents of teens or anyone concerned about the culture.

Reynolds, a Beauchamp Brogan Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Tennessee College of Law, expands on his social media research in the latest HiT ‘cast. He also shares a glimmer of hope that we’re not heading toward a digitally-fueled breakdown.

Listen to “HiT ‘cast 126: Glenn Reynolds exposes social media’s sinister side.” on Spreaker.

You can’t follow Reynolds on Twitter, but you can read his insightful commentary at USA Today. And, if you’re like me, you’re already visiting Instapundit.com multiple times a day for the latest right-leaning news.


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