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HiT ‘cast Episode No. 125 – Mike Baron (Nexus, The Badger)

HiT ‘cast Episode No. 125 – Mike Baron (Nexus, The Badger)

Mike Baron started writing comic books decades ago, and he has the fan following to prove it.

Devoted readers have followed the adventures of both Nexus and The Badger, just two of the many characters born from Baron’s endless imagination.

Cracking the Great American Novel? That’s another story for the prolific scribe.

Baron struggled with the format, unsure how to unlock his fiction writing chops without the razzle dazzle of the comic book template.

That’s no longer an issue for Baron.

He recently created Josh Pratt, a born-again “Biker” who solves crimes in his own inimitable fashion. Now, Baron has a gaggle of Josh Pratt stories ready for release.

It’s just one of the topics Baron explored in the latest HiT ‘cast. He also shared why the comic book industry is in huge trouble, ignoring obvious synergy wins while embracing a woke agenda. Want to be like Mike? Baron shares some great tips for fledgling writers everywhere, too.

Listen to “HiT ‘cast 125: Mike Baron Explains Comic Industry’s Sorry Decline” on Spreaker.

Keep up with Baron’s writing by visiting his home page, Bloody Red Baron, or checking out his expansive Amazon.com profile.

Also please check out the following links for the latest member of the HiT ‘cast Artist Spotlight – musician Colin Cunningham.

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