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Popo Tito

Let me tell you a story about a chicken. His name is Popo Tito. Popo Tito lives in a  little chicken house in little town. He is  short. He is Normal. He is very simple. Popo Tito is a completely simple chicken.One completely normal morning, Popo Tito is breakfasting in the kitchen. He likes toast with butter and coffee with cream.He is reading the news. He sees a terrifying story with a terrifying headline. It says: THE SKY IS FALLING! Popo Tito is so scared that he drops his toast with his coffee. 
"The sky is falling! THE SKY IS FALLING!" shouts Popo Tito. "I have to warn everyone!" First, he emails the story to one-thousand of his closest friends. Then runs down the road to warn everyone else. The first person he meets on the road is Mallina Gartina ( hen) She is coming from the supermarket."Good morning, Popo Tito!" says Mallina Gartina. "Where are you going? Why are you so scared?" 
"The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" says Popo Tito."Really? How do you know?" asks Mallina Gartina. 
"I saw it on the internet!" says Popo Tito.
"Holy moly! It must be true!" says Mallina Gartina. "Let's go!"
And Popo Tito and Mallina Gartina run down the road towards the pond.When they reach the pond, they meet Pato Menato. duck) He is having a bath."Hi guys!" says Pato Renato. "Where are you going? Why are you so scared?"
"The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" say Popo Tito and Mallina Gartina."Really? How do you know?" asks Salomita Gita. 
"WE SAW IT ON THE INTERNET!" they all say.
"Goodness gracious! It must be true!" Mean "There is no time to read poetry now. Let's go!" And Chicken Little, Mallina Gartina, Pato Menato, Ignacio el Ganso and Palomita Gita run down the road towards the town.On the main street, they meet Zorro Berto. fox) He is sitting at a cafe, writing on his laptop. "Hello everyone!" says Zorro Berto. "Where are you going? Why are you so scared?"
"THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKYYYY IS FAAAAALLING!" everyone yells. "Really? How do you know?" asks the fox.
All of them shout and we saw On the Internet .
"Wow! Well then it must be true!" says the fox. "But don’t worry, friends, I know the perfect place to hide. Follow me!" Zorro Berto leads everyone: They walk down the road, across streets, through the field and arrive at a hill.
At the highest of hill may be a huge, dark cave."Come in!
Come in!" says Zorro Berto. "There is space for everybody! The sky won't fall on us here.
We area unit safe."And so, one by one, Popo Tito and all of his friends follow the fox into the cave.The next morning, the cave is empty.
Popo Tito and his friends are no longer there.Where did they go? We don't know exactly. But I'll tell you one thing: Zorro Berto is very happy.
He features a huge, spherical belly."Silly animals," says Zorro Berto.
He sits under a tree, gets his computer, and begins to write again.


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