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My Favorite Guitar Amps || Peavey Combo

Hi Friends, when i Play Guitar Then  I use amplifier and
speakers and when I have to go any Gathering programs
 then i was very worry coz amplifier and speakers was very
 heavy. Once a day i was meet my friend  and he invites me 
to his home for birthday party.In the night when i reached his 
 home i saw a very energetic crowd but i didn't see any
 sound system my friend was watching my face and my
 expression then he told me Do not worry see this is a
 Peavey amp i saw Peavey amp and worry about its sound
and too many Crowds but when i connect my Guitar 
 i was shocked the result is very Classic and the power amp
 was responding to the pre amp with classic natural 
compression that increases as the amp gets louder. 
 I saw  4 inch Heavy Speaker and Master Volume control,
Clean and Lead channel switch two band passive EQ,
Headphone jack. I really like that type Combo amp
you can also try it and u will find its result too good.



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