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Karachi Boxing Talent || Munawer Hussian Shah

Hi Friends,
In Pakistan A lot of Talent  but Karachi Is The Famous City of Pakistan and There is  a lot of Hidden Talent Nanny Peoples have different talent but Boxing is very Difficult and expensive hobby Syed Munwer Hussain Sha is very Talented very active person.Mr Munwer Husaain Sha want to learn more and more and he also teaches their locally Friends and students.He gets  incredible stamina  and he is Very Fit. I want to show his talent see and tell me what do you think about his talent.


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  1. Thankyou...Alam bhai..such a good picture showed a sportsman..we all need encourage and respect our national sportsman...I was national boxer and played boxing 6yrs and related with boxing since 23yrs.my f.bk.munawarshah924@gmail.com