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EMX5 Yamaha 12 channel || 1260W Powered Mixer

EMX5 Yamaha 12 channel  1260W Powered Mixer

EMX5 Yamaha Gives you a very premium sound and quality
 in a robust yet compact package.8th phantom powered and
 pre amps make sure connecting your microphones to easy way.
EMX5's 12 inputs features with  a 3-band EQ for your sound shaping.
Inputs are also loaded with Yamaha's Famous Mixer.
One knob will compressors for evening and out dynamics 
punching up your vocals and Music tracks. 
One knob Master EQ function will optimizes your sound for 
singing slow Talking Loudly and speech.
 EMX5 powered mixer with a dual 630 watts  and of efficient Class.

|| EMX5 Yamaha Powered Mixer at a Glance ||
(1) Powerful design and incredible ease of use.

(2) A jack-of-all-trades, and a master of them all.

(3) Built-in 3-band EQ and 1-knob compressor for tailoring your sound.

(4) dimension with 24 SPX effects.
(5) Feedback suppressor stops embarrassing howling.

|| EMX5 Yamaha Powered Mixer Features ||

(1) 12 input dual 630 watt powered mixer with efficient and  Class  amplifier.
(2) 8 phantom-powered pre amps make connecting your microphones simple.
(3) Enough I/O for mics, musical instruments, as Keyboard Guitar, Piano etc(1 hi Z input) and  portable MP3 player.
(4) Each input features a 3 band EQ for shaping your sound.
(5) Inputs 1- 4 are equipped with 1-knob compressors for evening.
(6) Out dynamics and punching up your tracks.
(7) 1-knob Master EQ function optimizes your overall sound for speech,Slow Speech,Loudly Speech singing and music and 
      DJ performances.
(8) 24 SPX effects add dimension to your performance or presentation.
(9) Feedback suppressor function will stops feedback in its Music or tracks.
(10) Universal power supply for worry and free operation worldwide.



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