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Murgh Chhoolay || Chicken with Toccalo

 Murgh Chhoolay || Chicken with Toccalo

Cook With Ghosia I saw That cooking channel its very amazing and I love to eat spicy food then I search all the time and finally I got it.I like to eat Murgh Cholay with Naan or Tndori Naan with
 Lassi.My Italian friend asked me what is Murgh Cholay Mean then I laugh and Told him Murgh and   white Cholay he said what is CHola then i laugh again to my Poor Italin and i try to search Chola in Italian and i Told him Chicken with Toccalo The he laugh and told me I love to eat Toccalo. I find This recipe very nice and i tried it its very easy and after eat Chicken with Toccalo.



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